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With people, process and technology

Synergistics Australia have been servicing clients in asset intensive industries since September of 2002. We appreciate the challenges that face heavy asset industries such as mining, mineral processing, smelting, oil and gas, and utilities in the current market. We possess a detailed understanding of our client’s core value chain and have the expertise to deploy new technologies that can drive efficiency in operations and increase top line growth. Our aim with integration of practical and cost effective information strategies and solutions with best-of-class people, processes and technology is to drive business value. We work with C-level executives; CEO’s; COO's; CTO’s and CIO's to implement new processes in your business, delivering tangible benefits throughout the business lifecycle. Our service is about growth and increasing value, not just technology.

"Synergistics Australia were heavily involved with VALE NC during the early phases of the capital project in terms of solution design, advisory, and project initiation. Over the years we have continued to call upon Synergistics Australia for assistance and have leveraged their comprehensive industry expertise in defining business benefits through the introduction of IS&T initiatives."

Kamel Azzoug
IT Manager – Vale New Caledonia

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Technology with process and people in heavy asset industries

  • Analyse and rearrange business process control loops creating end to end alignment across your value chain.
  • Design systems where automated operational decision making reduces decision cycle time and renders better, more effective outcomes.
  • Identify operational bottlenecks and integrate IT solutions to ensure smooth end to end work flow.
  • Optimise maintenance schedules with predictive interventions reducing downtime and increasing equipment performance.


Years of experience as engineers and IT specialists grants deep operational insight into information systems and operational processes for heavy asset industries.
We deploy best-of-class digital talent to support IT managers and engineers with new technologies.


We generate road maps for digital transformation, guiding organisations to support sustainable change.
With high level analysis we generate a holistic view of your business. The resultant reporting identifies key areas of concern and outlines pathways to remedy any diagnosed weaknesses.


Our unique offering to the market allows for quicker AND better decision making through our business process control loop concepts.

We implement digital transformation with our proprietary business transformation models and TOGAF certified consultants.


Talented and Expert Consultants

The people we work with are our most valuable asset: top-level and highly talented consultants, experts in designing and delivering value enabling solutions.

We don't implement technology for its own sake, we implement technology for your business's sake.

Synergistics Australia 
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An initial consultation allows us to understand the demands and challenges that your business faces. We offer an initial one hour consultation to explore how we can add value to your business. One of our key services is examining the as-is operations of your enterprise to ascertain where business improvements can be readily implemented. The following questions will assist in framing our initial consultation to actualise your business goals:


  • Are you getting the maximum value for the real time data that your business generates?
  • Is there uncertainty in how to increase production without sacrificing profit or safety?
  • Have any operational bottlenecks been identified? Is there awareness of the underlying causes?
  • Are there black spots in your operational view?
  • How considerable is the time lag in executing operational decisions?
  • Is scheduled downtime being used to maximum efficiency?
  • Could predictive maintenance systems reduce down time and boost efficiency and productivity?
  • Is your company acquiring additional production sites and you are unsure how to integrate legacy technologies?

We welcome the opportunity to get to know your enterprise and determine where we may add the most value to your company.

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Synergistics Australia Clients

We foster collaborative relationships with business leaders; offering high quality credible advice and apply proven methodologies with our best-of-class people to drive business growth.  We deliver leading information management strategies, systems architecture and solution advice to clients in Heavy Asset Industries implementing business information solutions.

We see our relationships with our colleagues, clients and partners as long term assets built on the foundation of Integrity, Honesty and Courage. As one of Australia's leading IT advisers in the Heavy Asset Industry we have delivered the following services to clients over the 17 years we have been in operation:

  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Strategy Services
  • Enterprise and Solution Architectures
  • Business Process Management
  • Program/Project Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Vendor Independent Advice
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Readiness
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